Shims for Ural Rockers

Quality American made shims for your rocker arms.  From the factory, Ural rocker arms use a wave washers.  They are quick, cheap and easy to install but they compress easily and they allow for too much rocker end play.  They also can allow misalignment to the valve. Because of this, wave washers can be a source of valve train noise.  Use these shims to align rocker arms to valve stems. 

These precision shims are used to ensure rocker arm alignment to valve stem and to eliminate rocker arm axial movement or end play. 

When installed, rocker arms should have no perceived axial movement but yet should be free to move.  

12 shims at .005 inches thick and 12 shims at .0015 inches thick are included in each set. 


  • .005" and .015"
  • Manufactured of hardened steel to maintain a precision thickness even under heavy pressure.
  • Thickness tolerance of +/- .0005 inches. 
  • Made in USA.

Direct replacement for all 650 and 750 cc engines.

This is an intermediate level of difficulty.  Care must be taken to not catch the shims when installing the rocker shaft.  You'll have a much happier Ural when you complete it successfully. 

If you are not satisfied with these shims, you may return them within 30 days for a full refund (not including shipping) as long as they have not been installed or modified.


rocker shims

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shims installed image


$12.00 (set of 24) + shipping

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