Remflex 100% Flexible Graphite

Exhaust leaks are a pain.  These 100% flexible graphite exhaust gaskets are designed to work right the first time, every time.  They even work on warped or pitted exhaust flanges because they are 1/8 inch thick and designed to crush 50%. 

These exhaust gaskets won't burn out.  The flexible graphite construction means they will withstand up to 3,000 degrees F - far exceeding your bike's exhaust system temperature.

No retorqueing is necessary.  Remflex exhaust gaskets rebound 30% creating an optimum seal and eliminates the need to retorque.


  • Good to 3,000 degrees
  • No shrinking, no re-torqueing
  • Seals warped flanges
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Proven technology for 30+ years

Traditional exhaust gaskets are made from blends of natural fibers and synthetic compounds bound together with rubber.  It's only a matter of time until the extreme temps of your exhaust system burn the composite materials away.  These custom made, graphite exhaust gaskets are not affected by exhaust system heat, so they won't burn out, shrink or leak.




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$15.99 for a set of two + shipping

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